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What is AFL Coding?

AmiBroker is one of the best charting software for Technical Analysis. It provides a set of powerful tools like Analysis, Scan, Back test and Optimization etc for Smart trading decisions.

AmiBroker also has sophisticated features like advanced position sizing, scoring and ranking, rotational trading, custom metrics,custom back testers, multiple-currency support and much more.

AmiBroker also supports custom indicators that can be coded in AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) and executable at run time. AFL is a powerful language with which one can code a complex trading system without any hassle.

Amibroker is a powerful tool, which allows to use you to use your strategies, make your own system rules, define your indicators, and customize commentaries.

At, KA Financial Gains, code your trading ideas or logic in AFL. We have many years of experience in coding complex trading system using AFL. Get started now.